10th Class Science important question and Syllabus 2019

10th class science important question 2019

Hlo Guys Welcome to our website.Today i come with intresting topic 10th Class Science important question and Syllabus 2019-20. if u practice these 10th class science important question.You Score 90+ in Exam

10th Class Science Syllabus

There are 5 Unit in Science Syllabus

Chemical Substance – Nature and Behaviour 1.Chemical Recation
2. Acids, Bases and Salts
3. Metals And Nonmetals
4. Carbon Compounds
5. Periodic Classification Of Elements
25 Marks
World of Living1. Life processes
2. Control and Co-Ordination In Animals And Plants
3. Reproduction
4. Heredity and Evolution
23 Marks
Natural Phenomena1. Reflection of light by curved surfaces
2. Refraction
3. Functioning of a lens 
12 Marks
Effect of Current1.Effect of Current
2. Magnetic Effects Of Current
12 Marks
Natural Resources1. Source of Energy
2. Our Enviorment
3. Managment of Natural Resources
07 Marks

10th Science important question Unit wise and Topic wise.So Lets Start the Topic…Unit 1

Chemical Substance – Nature and Behaviour (UNIT → 1)

10th class science important question
10th class science important question


in this chapter we give two type of question short and ling answer question. these are the Most important 10th class science question

Short Answer Type 10th Class science important Question Of Chapter 2

Question Write the balanced Chemical Recation for the Following Reaction and identify the Type of Reaction in Each Case ?

(i) A Nitrogen Gas is treated with Hydrogen Gas in The Presence of a crystal at 773K to from Amonia Gas ?

(ii) Sodium Hydroxide Solution is Treated with acetic acid to from sodium acetate and water 

(iii) Ethanol is warmed with etanoic acid to From Ethyl acetate in the presence of H2SO4 ?

(iv) Ethene is Burnt in the Presence of  Oxygen to form Carbon dioxide,water and realeses heat and light ?


  • N2 + 3H2 2NH3 (Synthesis )
  • CH3COOH + NaOH → CH3COONa + H2O (Neutralization)
  • C2H5OH + CH3COOH → H2O + CH3COOC2H5 (Esterification Reaction)
  • C2H4 + 3O2→ 2CO22H2O + heat and light combustion reaction

Q 2 – Write the Balanced equation for the following  Chemical reaction 

Hydrogen + Chlorine —– Hydrogen Chloride

Barium Chloride + Aluminum Sulphate —- Barium Sulphate + Aluminium Chloride

Sodium + water — Sodium Hydroxide + Hydrogen


  • H2 + Cl2 → H2Cl2
  • 3BaCl2 + Al2(SO4)3 → 2AlCl3 + 3BaSO4
  • 2Na + 2H2O → 2NaOHH2

Q 3 – identify the Reducing Agent in the Following rectaion ?

4NH3 + 5O2 → 6H2O + 4NO

2 H2O + 2F2 → O2 + 4HF

Fe2O3 + 3 CO → 3 CO2 + 2 Fe

2H2 + O2 → 2H2O


  • NH3 is a reducing agent.
  • H2 is a reducing agent
  • CO  is a reducing agent.
  • H2   is a reducing agent

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Q- 3 identify the Oxidant in the following Reaction ?

2Mg + O2 —– 2MgO

CuSO4 + Zn → ZnSO4 + Cu

V2O5 + 5Ca → 5CaO + 2V


  • O2
  • CuSO4
  • V2O5

Question – Why do fire files glow at Night ? 


  • Because Fire flies Produce  a chemical reaction inside the bodies

Q – Why Do We Store Silverd Chloride in Dark Bottel ?


  • Because it react with Sunlight and Decomposed in the form of Chlorine gas and water

So These are the Short impotant Question for 10th Class……

Important 10th Science Long Question

Question – Give the Characteristics tests of following Gasses ? 





Question – What Happen when Zinc Granules are Treated with  dilute solution of H2SO4,HCL,HNO3,NaCl and NaOH . Also Write the Chemical equations if  reaction occure ?

Question – Explain the following term with one example each ? 



An Acid and Salt Base

Short Answer Type 10th Class Science important Question Of Chapter 2

Question – An Acid can react with ? 

(i) AgCl

(ii) Na2O3

(Iii) PbSO4 

(IV) Na2SO4 


  • Na2O3

Question – Which is the following gives CO2 on Heating ?

(a) Slaked 

(b) Quick Lime 

(c) Lime Stone

(d) Soda ash


  • Lime Stone 

Question – Plaster of Paris Made From 

(a) Slaked 

(b) Quick Lime

(c) Lime Stone

(d) Gypsum 


  • Gypsum 

Question – An aqeous solution with pH Zero 

(a ) Acidic 

(b) Alkaline

(c) Neutral

(d) Amphoteric


  • Acidic

Question – The odour of acetic acid resemble That of 


  • Vinegar 

Q – Which is The evolved Na2CO3 Heated ? 


  • No

Question – If pH of Aa Solution is 13 , It means that  


  • Strongly Basic

Question – What is Common name of Compound CaOCl2 ? 


  • Bleaching Powder 

Question – Name the Sodium Compound which is Used tho Softing Hard Water ? 


  • Sodium Carbonate is Used if Softing Hard Water

Long Answer type Science question (An Acid and Salt Base)

Question – Compound Such as Alcohal and Glucose also Contain Hydrogen But are not categorized an acid . Describe an activity

Metal or Non Metal

Short Answer Typer 10th Science Important Question

Question – A Mineral is Know as ore if Metal is

 (a) Cannot be Produced from it 

(b) Can be Produced from it

(c) Can be extract from it ProfitableIs

(d) very Costly 


  • Can be extract from it  Profitable

Question – The earthy impurities associate with mineral used is metallurgy is Called ?


  • Gangue 

Question – Metal is Always found in free state 


  •  Gold 

Question- Setting of Plaster of Paries Take place due to 


  •  Solder 

Question – The Sulphide ore among the following ? 

(a) Hematite

(b) Bauxite

(c) argentite

(d) Zinc Blande


  • Zinc Blande

Question – Chemical Rust is 

(a) Hydrate ferrous Oxide 

(b) Hydrate ferric oxide 

(c) Only ferrous oxide

(d) None of these 


  • Hydrate ferric oxide 

Question – Most abundant metal on the earth 


  • Aluminum 

Question – The Correct Decreasing order of the metal in the activity series is 

(a) Ca,Mg ,Fe ,Ni

(b) Ni,Ca,Mg,Fe

(c) Ca,Mg ,Ni ,Fe

(d) Mg,Ca,Ni,Fe


  •  Ca,Mg ,Fe ,Ni

Long Answer Type Question of 10th Science Chapter 3 (Unit – 1)

Question – What is Ment by ‘rusting’? With diagram,describe an activity to find out the condition under which iron rusts ?

Question – (a) write the chemical name of Coating that form of silver and cooper aricals .  

(b).Explain what is galvanisation.but pusrposed is by served it .
(c) How alloy are alloys prepared ?

(i ) Small quantity of carbon (ii) Nickel and chromium are mixed with it 

Question – Give Two Method to prevent rusting of iron ? Name the ores of the Mercury and zinc Explain with the help of diagrams how copper metal refine ? Labelled the important arrangements in the Experimental set up

Carbon and It’s Compound

Short answer type question of Chapter 4 

Question – Give the name of the following functionals Groups –OH ,–COOH


  • Alcohol Group Carboxylic acid Group

Question – How many covelnt Bond are in the molecule of ethene (C2H6)


  • There are 7 covelnt bond in th molecule of ethene

Question – The IUPC NAME OF CH3COOH is 


  • Ethanal 

Question – Rectified Spirit is 


  • 95% of alcohal

Question – The Number of CH bond on C2H6 is 


  • 6  Bond

Question – IUPAC Name of first member of homologous series of ketone is 


  • Propanone 

Question – Which has triple Bond C2H4,C3H4,C3H6


  •  C3H4

Question – what substance is added in the denutriation of ethyl alcohol


  • Methyl Alcohol 

Question – Would you able to chek if water is Hard by  using Detergent ?


  •  No

Long Answer type 10th Class science important Question

Question – Draw the Structure of the following 

(a) Ethanoic Acid

(b) Bromopentan 

(c) Butane

(d) Hexanal

Question – Explain the lasomerism ? State any four characteristic of lasomerism ? Draw structure of Possible isomer of butane

Question – What is Difference of between of Chemical Composition and detergent ? State in the brief of action of scope from a Shirt .Why are soap not considered Suitable for washing where water is hard ? 

Periodic Classification of Elements 

Short Answer Type important 10th Science question with Answer

Question – What is atomic mass of Na ?


  • 23 Atomic Mass

Question – What is the total no of Period in the periodic table ? 


  •  7 Period

Question – According to which periodic table every eight repeat their property ? 


  • Newlands Octave 

Question – which elements named as eka aluminum earlier ? 


  •  Gallium 

Long Answer Type important Question for 10 Science 

Question – Which group of elements could be placed in Mendeleev’s Table without disturbing the original order ? 

Question – Give an account of process adopted by mendeleev for the clarification of elements. How did he arrive at Periodic Table ? 

Question – An element is placed in 2nd group and 3rd group in the periodic table,bums in presence of oxygen to from Basic oxide ?

 (a) identify the  element 

(b) write the electronic Configuration

 (c) Write an balance equation when it burns in the presence of air 

(d) Write an balance equation when this oxide dissolved in water 

So These are the 10th Class science important Question of First unit .When u practiced these question you will get highest score…….

World of Livining (UNIT → 2)

10th class science important question unit 2
10th class science important question unit 2

Life Process 

Short Answer Type Important Question 2019

Question – what are the Different type of tooth 


  •  Incisors,canines,premolars and molars 

Question – what does aerobic respiration occur in a cell ? 


  • Mitochondria 

Question – Where is Hemoglobin present ? 


  •  Red Blood Cell

Question – What is the principal of exchange gas ? Answer – Diffusion Principal

Long answer type question of 10th Science 

Question – State the role of the following in human digestive system . 

(a) Digestive enzymes

(b) Hydrochloric acid

(c) Billi

Question 1 – Mention the raw matrial required for Photosynthesis ? 

Q 2 – Write Correct Sequence of four steps of Method for the prepration of temporary mount of stained leaf peel ? 

Q 3 – List three characteristics of lungs which makes it efficient respiratory surface ? 

Question 4 – Draw the diagram of human exceratory system and label renal artery urethra ? State in Brief the function of 

(a) Renal artery 

(b) Kidney 

(c) Ureter

(d) Urinary bladder 

Question – Explain the process of nutrition in amoeba ? 

Control and Cordination

Most Important Short Answer Type 10th Class Science Question

 Question – Junction of Two neurons is called 


  • Synapse 

Question – Write the name of  Plant Hormone ?


  •  Cytokinin

Question – what do you mean by Geotropism ?


  • Downward Movement of Roots in response of Gravtional Force  is called Geotropism

Question – Name the Two Sets of Nerves that constitute the peripheral nervous system ?


  •  Sympatatic nervous system and Parasympathetic nervous System .

 Question – The Brain is Lodged inside the cavity of skull know as : 


  • Cranium 

Question – Name the Hormone which promotes Plant Growth ? 


  • Auxin 

Question – which Parts of the brain maintain poisture and equilibrium of Body 


  • Cerebellum

Question – Name the Hormones Secreted by pancreas ? 


  • Insulin and Glucagon 

Question – Name the Structural and Functional unit of nervous system ? 


  • Neuron

Question – Name One Sex Hormone ?


  •  Testosterone 

Long Answer Type Most Important Science question 

Question – Which Type of glands in human body secrete hormone ? State any one location for them 

Question – Pituitary is master endocrne gland  ? Justify This Statement

 Question – Draw the Structure of neurone and  Explain it ?

Question – Mention the Structure of Human Brain ? 

So These are the 10th Class science important Question for ur Exam.


Short Answer Type Science Important Question

Question – Define Parthenogenesis


  • Development of organisms from the unfertilized egg

Question How may male gameter are perdouced by pollen grains ? 


  • Two

 Question – During Grifting,the portion of plant  that grafted is called


  •  Scion 

Question – What is Syngamy ? 


  •  Fission of male Gamete with the egg Cell is Called Syngamy

Question – The Normal Duration of menstrual cycle


  • 28 Days 

Question – What is Parturation ?


  • The birth of fully Developed 

Question – What is Puberty ? 


  • When reproducive system functionally active or Starts Producing ova or Sperms is called Puberty .

Question – What is Tubectomy ?


  •  Removal of Section of fallopian Tube .

Question – Name the Consecutive Organism name of AIDS ? 


  •  HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency virus )

Question – What is the Product of fertilization ? 


  •  Zygote 

Long Answer Type Science question of 10th class

Q 1 – What is Difference Between Binary function and Multiple Function ?

Q 2 – What are the basic features asexual reproduction ? 

Questions 3 – What is Difference Between Fission and budding ?

Q 4 – what is Difference between internal and external fertilization ?

Heredity and evolution

Short Answer Type Science important question

Question – What is Monohybrid cross ? 


  • The Cross which occure Between Plants Showing two alternate forms a trate

Question – Write the Scientific name of plant on which mendal Carried out his Experiment ? 


  •  Pisum Sativum 

Question – why Male are called hetrogemtic ? .


  •  Because they have Dissimller Sex Chrosoms .

Question What is the percentage of couple a having daughter ?


  • 50 Percent

Question – Name 2 Organism in which sex determination is Regulated by environmental factor ? 


  • Turtle and Lizard 

Long Answer 10th Class Important Question 

Question – Write Difference Between autosome and Allosomes?

Q 2 – Difference Between Convergent and divergent Evolution ?

Question – What is Difference between Chemical evolution and organic evolution ?

  • So Finally Unit Second is Over . Keep practice these 10t class science important question and get highest markes

Natural Phenomena Unit (UNIT → 3)

10th class science question uniot 3rd
10th class science important question unit 3

Chapter 10th and 11th  “Reflection & Refrection

Short answer type 10th Class science question 

Question – What is Magnification of plan mirror ? 


  • +1

Questions – when a convex lens act like a magnifying glass ? 


  • When object kept at focal length of the convex lens

Question – the radius of curvature of convex mirror 20 cm ? What is Focal length ? 


  • 10cm

Question – what is power of lens if focal length is 20cm? 


  • 5 Diopter 

Long answer type important Science question

Question – Draw ray Diagram Showing the Showing the image formation by a concave mirror When Object is Place 

(a) Between Pole and focus of Mirror

 (b) Between focus and centre of conventure of the mirror

(c) a Little Beyond centre of Curvature of the mirror 

(d) at infinity

Question – write raw of reflection ? Explain the same with the help of ray diagram, when ray of light passes through rectangular glass of slab ? 

Question – Define the power of lens ? What is it’s unit ? One student uses focal lens of focal length 50 cm and another of -50cm ? What is the nature of lens and it’s used by each of them ? 

Question – Draw a ray diagram showing the image formation by a concave lens when object are placed

 (a) at infinity 

(b) at finite distance from the mirror 

Functioning of a lens 

Short ANSWER Type 10th Class science question

Question why is red color selected for Dnager single light ?


  • Wavelength of red color is more as compatre to other color .it can be easily seen through large distance

Question – what is Least distance of distnict vision normal human eyes ?


  • 25 cm

Question – Name the Muscle responsible for bringing change in the focal length of eye lens ? 


  •  Ciliary Muscle 

Question – Name one defect a one vision which cannot be correct by any of Specatel lenses ? 


  • Cataract 

Question – State one effect perdouce by the in Scttrating of light by the atmosphere ?


  • Tyndall Effect 

Question – What is the nature of eyes formed on the retina of the eye ? 


  •  Real and inve

Question – What type of lens used for correcting Hypermetropia ?


  • Convex lenses 

Long Answer Type question of 10th class science

Question (a) What is dispersion if white light ? what is the cause of such dispersion ? Draw the diagram show the dispersion of white light through prism ?

(b) A glass prism is able to produce spectrum when white light passes through it but glass slab does not produce any spectrum . Explain why is it so ?

Question Explain the following term using in relation to defects vision and correction provided by them ?

(a) Myopia

(b) Astigmatisam

(c) Bio Focal lenses

(d) Far Sightedness

Effect of Current (UNIT → 4)

10tjh class science most important question
10th class science important question unit 4

Effect of Current

Short Answer Type Important Question of Science

Question – Write the S.I Unit of resistivity ? 


  • Ohm meter 

Question – Name a device that maintain a potential difference across the conductor


  • Cell or Battery 

Question How ammeter are connected in Circuit to measure the current flowing through it ? 


  • In Series

Long answer type science important 10th Class question 

Question – The metallic wire A and B are connected in a second wire A has a Length L and radius r . while wire B has Length 2l and radius 2r .Find the ratio of total resistance of series combination and the resistance of wire A .If the both the wires are the same material ? 

Q 2 – A Piece of wire resistance 20 ohm  is drawn so that is length is increse to twice it’s orignal length is calculate the resistance of the wire is the new situation ? 

Question – (a) Define Electricity energy with S.I unit ?

(b) A household uses the following appliances 

(c) Refrigerator of rating 400W for ten hour each day ? 

(d) Two electric fan of rating 80w each for 12 hour each day.

(e) Six electric tube rating 18w each for the 6 hour each day 

Calculate the electricity bill of the household for the month of August .If the cost of per unit of electric charge is 3.00 rs  .

Question – Series arrangement not used in the Domestic circuit ? List any five reason 

Magnetic effect of Electric Current 

In this Chapter we give two section Short and long question list.these are the best 10th science impottant question…….

Short Answer Type Important question of 10th Science question 

Question – A device producing electric current is called 


  • Generator

Question – At the time of the short circuit ,the current in the circuit ? 


  •  Increase Heavily 

Question – Need some sources of electric current ? 


  • A Cell ,battery and D.C Generator

Question – Can 5A a fused be used in wire carrying 15A current ? why ? 


  • Because both of them would then be infeffective in controlling the amount if current following .

Long answer type 10th Class science  question ?

Question – Explain the underlying and working electric generator by drawing a labeled diagram . What is the function of brushes ? 

Natural Resouces (UNIT → 5)

10th class science important question 2019 & 2020

in This Unit There are three chapter these three chapter are Source of “Energy,Our Enviorment,Managment of Natural Resources

Short Answer Type 10th class Science question

Question – Radiation which are Harmful for living organism ?


  • Ultraviolet Radiation

Question – Solar Cell are Made of ?


  • Seine conductor

Question – The main constitute of CNG gas ?


  • Methane

Question – A food chain always start with ?


  • Photosynthesis

Question – Ozone layer damaged by ?


  • CFCs

Question – What are the various steps of food chain called ?


  • Trophic levels

Question – Define afforestation ?


  • Planting trees is called afforestation

Long Answer Type 10th Class Science important question

Question – What are the advantage or Disadvantage of solar cooker ? are there places where solar cooker would have limited utility ?

Question – Describe How ozone layer formed in detail ?

Question – Write step to conserve energy ?

So These are the 10th Class science important Question for all 10th student. if u like share with your friend .


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